Changing lives, one job at a time

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For 100 years Goodwill Dallas has been changing lives in our community – one job at a time.

Goodwill Dallas exists to help persons with barriers recognize and reach their full potential and experience a life filled with purpose, accomplishment, and self-sufficiency. This is done by helping people build professional skills, find jobs, and achieve their life goals through a donated goods business, workforce development services, and other social enterprise models. At Goodwill, individuals can not only develop skills for jobs but are also provided opportunities to become part of the Goodwill team and create paths for many more.

LaKieshia Robinson conquered events in her life that she felt were meant to knock her down. She raised her older brother who is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy after her mother fell ill. She now has four children, her son also diagnosed with a disability. Now a Success Coach at Goodwill, Lakieshia is changing lives, one job at a time. She credits Goodwill Dallas with helping her fulfill her purpose in life.

Lakieshia’s Story