Become a sustaining member of Goodwill with an annual gift or monthly donation to help us change lives.

Every gift makes a difference helping Goodwill to provide extraordinary opportunities for education, life skills and job training to every individual who needs it; and to help meet emerging needs and challenges in our community. Donations can be made as a Memorial Gift or as an Honorary Gift to pay tribute to a significant family member, friend or business associate.

Make A Gift

Donors at all levels will receive distinct recognition in Goodwill’s Annual Report, special updates, mailings and reports, and invitations to annual events throughout the year.  


Many companies offer matching gift programs that will double, even triple a donation’s value. Check with your company to find out if your company will match your donation to Goodwill. If you have questions about your company’s matching gift program, please contact your personnel office.

  1.  Obtain the appropriate matching gift verification form from your personnel/human resources office and submit it to Goodwill. Please be sure to complete the entire donor portion of the form and to include a copy of your gift receipt (if available).
  2. If you would like to designate the matching fund to a specific purpose, please indicate that on the form.
    If your company uses an online matching gift platform, submit a matching gift verification request through your company’s online portal using the address of Goodwill.

Giving Campaign Codes:

CFC #: 49621 | SECC #: 280508 | United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Campaign: 132

Fund employment services for an adult with a significant disability for one year.
CoDel, Inc. Lorena and Rayford Wilkins
PIONEER – $2,000
Fund 4 job fairs to help place people into a job beyond Goodwill.
Kathleen and Ron Cooper Sam J. Gruner Alice and Erle Nye Lynn and John Sears Kimberly and Bradley Thomas Heddy and E. John Ward
Fund employment placement services for a job seeker.
Ruth Alhilali Issac Bailey, Jr. Caroline and Nelson Hunt Marty and John E. Eisenlohr Mary Hursin Robert G. Pollock Rowland K. Robinson
Provide 25 Job Readiness Kits to prepare job seekers for employment.
Rebecca L. Collins Helen B. Davis Jane F. Doran George Fisk Lynn F. Hamon Glen A. Hinckley Anna Hundley Nick Iyer Lisa A. Kite Mary F. Lange Chester Plauche Jan and Barefoot Sanders Cassie and Fredrick H. Stern William E. Thelen Marie C. Trevino
Support day habilitation services for an adult with a significant disability for one week.
The Aileen and Jack Pratt Foundation John W. Anderson Frank S. McGee Michael L. Bailey Karen J. Baum Jeffrey A. Bergren Renee Bomchill Anne and John R. Bunten Bitsy and Harold Carter Will A. Courtney Kenneth Cramer Mark Cullum Lori M. Cummings Carol Echols Barbara Fulenwider John M. Glynn Jaye and Richard Griswold Gabriele Gruschkus Bettina and Daniel Hennessy Margaret and William S. Hooton Nancy and James E. King Gean Lassetter Toi Le Charlene Lee Barbara J. McMullen Joen and Philip Mein Kenneth Mighell Suzanne and Horace Nash, Jr. Gregory Nelson Vera Rea Ekkehard W. Reimold Edward Russo Hal Schneider B. E. Schwartz Harriet Stambaugh William R. Swope Charlotte T. Whaley Judge Carolyn Wright
Fund art appreciation classes for 12 Day Habilitation clients.
Suzanne Addison Gregory C. Arnold Barbara and Burt Berry Jayne and Aubrey C. Black John R. Bowland Katrina Bolin Brenda and Thomas Brand Patricia and Glen R. Brown Julie and Charles H. Butterworth Twila and Charles Cayton Kenneth A. Curry Robert A. Daly Myrna P. Davis Grace and Thomas Delatour Patricia Dilworth Elaine J. Diver Susan Dossey Betty and Ross Farnsworth Katherine and Richard Fleming Ann Foster Nicholas French Lynn G. Fry Elaine and Richard Goode Emily Gossett Loretta and Kenneth Greer Otto Hanneman Jerry L. Hatzfeld Kevin C. Hodges Jerry Hodo Richard Holbein Carol Holliday Taviatha and Joseph James William A. Jessiman Robbie B. Joy Louise King Philip Kingston Veva Lane Emil Lippe, Jr. Harriet A. Little Roger Markley Patsy and John L. Martin Frank S. McGee Donald B. McKinley Evelyn McNeill Gunvant Mehta Gary L. Mogush Wassila Ouali Melissa Perry Randy Pickle Sieglinde Radtke Richard W. Ramsay William G. Robinson John W. Russell Suzi and Richard Scherer Norma A. Schlinger Myron Schwitzer Gabriel Shapiro Jane Shelton Nelwyn Spruell Jacqueline Tate-Mathis Mark A. Todd Elise and Glenn Todd Dennis D. Topletz, Esq. Sharon M. Vallario Elizabeth Weaver Frank D. Weaver Ed Wilkins Irving Winter Greg Wolf Anne K. Woolley Patricia Wyatt Larry R. Zamora Marilyn and William O. Ziegler James Zitrick
Provide interview attire for one job seeker.
Andrew’s Refrigeration Christian Voice Foundation Alicha D.Alexander Andrew N.Alonzo Brice W.Armstrong Velma Andrews David Bader Wilda J.Baggett Truman G. Blocker, III John Balasa Lucille Bangs Karen Barrett Michael H. Bezner Deborah and Melvin Blackwell Edra C. Bogle Rose M. Brown Irene and Kenneth Brooks Ralph H. Broughton Jan Burris Kenneth Brown Denise and Ken Cable John S. Carter Donald F. Calderone Louise and Robert Cassingham Annie M. Clayton Jeri and Bruce Cliff Robert Conner Fama D. Sedlacek Charlotte and Joe Cortez Kelly Corey Carole C. Deily Grant B. Darden Annette W. Davis Joseph Delferro Richard Dumais Diane and Daniel Ehlers Anne and Tom Easterling Merilynne M. Evans Donald L. Eichenberger Susan H. Everett Miguel Ferreira Arthur D. Foster Anna Flippin Zita Funk Patsy L. Fowler June H. Frank Norman Franklin Gloria M. Gray Scott M. Gleason Renee Golston Danny Grady Leon P. Harp George R. Gunn Dianne and Norman Gutzmer Robert Hardage Addie Hare Joann and Robert Harrell Kent Hervey Peggy J. Huddleston Terry Hill Patricia A. Hollands William A. Hood Calvin Howard Cheryl Ann Ivers Thomas J. Isabelle, Jr. Lawrence C. Johnson Gregory V. Jordan Lisa L. Kapanoske David Keiser Janet Kha Sheryl King John W. Knox Anu and Rajeshwar Kumar Yvonne Landry Cheryl and Michael Lane Donna and Buddy Lear Paul H. Lewis Rosemary Logue Varun Mahendroo Rosalinda G. Martinez Tamera McCauley Rosemary S. McClure Maxine and J.B. McCormick Walter McKelvey ennifer K. Menzdorf Karen and Edward Miller Patricia Miller Harvey Milligan Irene A. Moir Jonelle L. Morales Cheryl E. Morton Ellen and Robert Muth Morton Newman Donna and Roy Oxenrider Ragini H. Parekh Kathleen Parry Pat and Jerry Pasche Karen and Charles Perry Wendell G. Phillips Virginia Poillion Helene M. Pulley Robert O. Putman Abu A. Rahman Mina and Juan Ramon Jimmie Ranes John H. Rodgers Delia and Santos Romo Ronald Roundtree Gail and Larry Runyon Herbert G. Russell Esther and Jacques Sardas Alvin Schlueter, Jr. Cindy and Gregory Schnaubelt Ann Schoeps Hinke Schroen John Scolastico Fama D. Sedlacek Edwin Sherrod Corbin W. Shouse Darlene Siem Steve Smentek Barbara P. Smith Yolanda Smith Elena Stankovik Nora Stewart Jeanne Strzala Jeffrey Stubing Donna J. Tassin Gregory J. Taylor Carolyn A. Turner Rosemary and George Udell Elizabeth Walston Brian J. Walters Michelle and Jeff Willis Hosik Won Arthur Yasui Josephine and Jerome Zeffren