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Goodwill®, the United States’ leading workforce development nonprofit, is committed to equipping more than one million people – including people with disabilities and disadvantages, youth, older workers, veterans and military families, and people who are transitioning back into society — with the digital skills they need to advance their careers.

Goodwill provides communities with the benefit of no-cost career development services.
Digital skills training is offered at various levels and benefits individuals and communities by bridging the divide between in securing good-paying jobs.

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  • Basic Computer Courses

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  • Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint

    Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint

    The focus of this workshop is to help participants learn to use templates, themes, graphics, and animations to create presentations for any occasion.

  • Intro to Microsoft Excel

    Intro to Microsoft Excel

    Learn basic commands for performing calculations and entering data for creating tables and graphs. At the end of this workshop, participants will know edit and create worksheets, and sort data for easy organization of text and numerical data. Finish with a MS Excel assessment and a chance to earn a digital skills badge

  • Intro to Microsoft Word

    Intro to Microsoft Word

    In this course, students will learn to start, open, save and print documents in addition to other basic functions of Microsoft Word. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to create a variety of document from scratch or using a template. Finish with a MS Word assessment and a chance to earn a digital skills badge

  • Basic Computer Skills

    Basic Computer Skills

    This workshop is for individuals that have limited experience with computers and need a basic introduction to computer parts and functionalities. Learn how to maneuver a mouse, use the shift key to highlight text, and manipulate the keyboard.

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