Vicky’s Story -

Vicky’s Story

Vicky, a hardworking woman in her mid-fifties, had over 20 years’ experience working in the hospitality industry when disaster struck. She suffered a severe accident leaving her unable to work and with overwhelming medical debt. When Vicky attempted to re-enter the workforce, she lacked the computer skills needed in today’s job market. As Vicky explained, “I had to find work, but I did not have a degree or the computer skills that my level of work now required. I needed to learn new skills.” Referred by a friend to Goodwill Dallas, Vicky completed Goodwill’s Computer Literacy Program. Confident in her newfound abilities, she stated, “with Goodwill there was never the question of ‘if’ I would get a job, but rather ‘when’ I would get a job.” Very shortly after leaving Goodwill, Vicky secured a job as a receptionist and is now well on her way back to self-sufficiency.